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Maybe you want positive changes?


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Inner peace?

Change negative thoughts?

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End deadlock and standstill?


Greater self-esteem?

New lifestyle?

You can be free from

Emotional blockages





Inhibitory patterns



Uncontrolled frustrations

Self-destructive thoughts

Stuck in grief


Exit - der er altid en vej. Tina Nurby

Exit – There’s always a way!

A friend in my circle of acquaintances had difficulty falling asleep in the evening. 

The doctor had prescribed sleeping pills, but they didn’t remove his inner agitation.

He told me that the reason for his sleep problems was that he was expecting the results of a biopsy

and feared that he had cancer. 

I suggested that he gave my hypnotic audio file a try.

An audio file that I have recorded for creating peace and tranquillity.

I told him there was a risk that he would fall asleep. 

The following day I received this lovely message: 

“Thank you for that, a great night’s sleep and what a fantastic voice you have.

Hugs from here 👍🤗😊 Kind regards from A.O. Denmark.”