Give yourself intension.

You are worth it!

The word hypnosis derives from the Greek word Hypnos, which means to sleep. However, you do not sleep at all. Most people can answer questions and move their body the entire time.

During hypnosis, your mind is relaxed, open and focused. Ready for the change that is going to happen!

I offer treatment

Hypnotic body analysis

Hypnotherapy is an efficient form of treatment characterised by using various types of hypnosis techniques. I will give you tools to deal with concerns, racing thoughts, sleep disturbances, negative thoughts, emotional hurdles, low self-esteem as well as methods to change the habits, patterns, thoughts and behaviour which no longer benefit you.

Hypnotic coaching coaching can especially be used to uncover patterns in your relations or problems with making major decisions and/or critical choices. The coaching interview is efficient when it comes to training you to become better at solving conflicts, avoiding gridlocks as well as understanding unfavourable and inhibiting convictions and situations which you keep repeating.

EFT – also called Emotional Freedom Technique is especially effective against fear, anxiety, stress, phobia and trauma as well as mental and physical symptoms, such as chronic pain and diagnoses. You will learn a technique which you can use at home.

Hypnotic body analysis is especially useful for those who have had recurrent physical and mental symptoms for many years for which they want a solution. You will gain focus on your body and mind as well as the interaction between them.

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Are you spiritual?

Audio files for free Enjoy 15-20 minutes of calm. Become more attuned to yourself and your body. The more frequently you listen to an audio file, the greater the effect!

Clairvoyance is for those who are open to listening to your intuition – your sixth sense. You will, by means of my clear vision, clear feeling and clear hearing be guided, counselled about yourself and your situation. You will also receive a hear-and-now picture. I will guide you with respect to the situations in your life where you would like to be guided. It can be everything from a change of job, housing, career, education, children, uncertainties when it comes to choices and directions, emotional problems in close relationships and your love life, etc.

Interpretation using cards Regardless of the questions you may have, my guidance will help you and your situation as well as provide you with a here-and-now picture. Do you want a change of career in order to find the perfect job, fresh eyes on your housing situation or a broader perspective on your love life? It may also be that you want new ideas or a new angle on a problem where you have come to a standstill or find yourself going around in circles.

Soul journey and visits to your soul’s base are for those who would like new insight in order to release locked energy and traumas from previous lives and, not least, to find the connection between your present problems, patterns, habits and your relations in the life you live today.

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COVID-19 Precautions

In my clinic, I wash with hand sanitiser, keep my distance and you and I will both take our precautions.

Please arrive on time for your agreed appointment.

Cancel your appointment if you feel the least bit ill.

Take time out for yourself and start your change process now!

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“I don’t feel like I have been snoring the last 2 days, and so I think I really have got some mental issues resolved.”  Per