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Tina Nurby Master i Hypnoseterapi

Already as a 17-year-old, Tina sensed that working with people should be one of her paths in life.

Back then, she lived in Frederiksberg, Greater Copenhagen, and chose one of the local nursing homes where the administrator hired her straight away. From 1986-1990 she worked primarily with people with dementia and the dying at the nursing home. For Tina, this was a new world she had entered, and she especially enjoyed working with the elderly and their relatives.

In 1990, Tina trained to become a home carer, and she found work with the municipal home care provider in Copenhagen K, where she worked a visiting home carer in Copenhagen K & V until 1992. In her work a home carer, she visited citizens in their own homes, where it was her job to help them with practical domestic chores. It was in many ways an extremely rewarding job, but also a hard one as it primarily entailed visiting elderly people – sometimes in the last years or months of their lives – and this was also when AIDS appeared on the scene, so she also nursed relatively young men who unfortunately suffered a horrible fate of an untimely death.

After working for the home care provider, Tina applied to be accepted for training as a social and health care assistant because she wanted to work in a hospital. She graduated in 1994 as part of one of the very first classes, and with this new training background, she gained access to hospitals.

She was and is a curious soul, so she quickly adapted to various wards at the Copenhagen hospitals – the evening shift was her calling, and she gained a lot of anatomical experience and knowledge from medical, alimentary, paediatric, as well as oncology wards. And just like at the nursing home, Tina focussed on patient care and the contact she had with their relatives. She developed a remarkable ability to be able to make contact and communicate with the dying and their relatives.

“My life with the dying and those with dementia took up a lot of space in my working life at the time. When people are close to dying, regardless of their age, I experience that they open up for their feelings. Some become aggressive and won’t see their families because it hurts too much, either within or because they don’t know how to handle their relatives’ grief, others need to forgive themselves and others, and thus need to tell you secrets which they may never have told anyone else before. The intensity, trust and respect, which I experienced, when I worked in the health care sector, as well as later in life as a night nurse for the Red Cross, has given me a huge insight into the life crises people go through and the wounds and scars they either release or choose to take with them to their grave. Insights, which later have turned out to be valuable knowledge in my work as a clairvoyant and practitioner.”

In 2005 Tina turned over a completely new leaf and became an office trainee with a master painter.

In 2007 she and her family exchanged vibrant Copenhagen for Jutland. She quickly found work at ECCO’s finance department in Bredebro. And here she started to discover new sides to herself. The training gave her the basic tools she needed in her work, but she was also gradually given other tasks as her colleagues realised that Tina had the gift of the gab, was somewhat of an IT geek and had an excellent diplomatic sense. She became a sort of trade union representative at her place of work and helped create harmony between the directors and employees.

She enjoyed her work at ECCO, but in 2009 a new opportunity opened up in Tina’s working life, namely a chance to become self-employed. Her half-sister Bettina had run her own translation agency for a number of years, but lately, she had moved in another direction, and now she wanted to sell her company. Tina jumped at the chance and took over the agency with all its customers and suppliers, and this was the start of a new chapter. Tina now became her own boss, and she quickly discovered that networking was a passion of hers. She loved the contact she had with customers and suppliers and took pride in having just as satisfied suppliers as customers. She takes the same pride in her work today. She has been at the helm for about 12 years now, and she thrives in her work running BE communication.

In 2012 something happened when she watched a show on the DR tv channel. The show was called Jagten på den 6. sans (The Hunt for the Sixth Sense) and featured clairvoyant Lone Kathrin Hansen from Ribe. The show made some things fall into place for Tina, among other things, some experiences from her childhood where she felt and sensed other people in a way that was not entirely “normal”.

Tina contacted Lone and started on some courses to teach her how to use her senses, her sixth sense. To open up – even more – for her ability to use the senses’ clear feeling, clear seeing and clear hearing. Senses which Tina had sensed many times, but which she could not put into words what it meant to her, and senses she could not turn off. Sometimes she was like an open book that had resulted in fears and phobias that she could not handle.

She decided to train as a certified clairvoyant adviser and finished in 2016. Concurrently with her training, she started to learn more about chakras, energies and meditation, and it did not take long for her to open a clinic which she ran along with her agency, BE communication. After completing her training, Tina was accepted into The Danish Clairvoyant Association of which she is still a member today.

“One of the biggest moral and ethical responsibilities I have as a clairvoyant where I counsel and guide other people is the responsibility for creating a feeling of safety, trust and spaciousness. It is very important for me to belong to an association and complete certified training so that clients can rest assured that we are informed about and trained to observe the rules associated with our work as alternative practitioners. For this reason, I am a member of The Danish Clairvoyant Association and also an advocate of diplomas and training within the spiritual world. It is important for me to know which tools I need to use, especially when I face situations when people become angry and frustrated, are under the influence and affected by addictions or react unreasonably because they do not receive the answers they expected. Answers, which I don’t always wish to give them as there is an ethical boundary for the things I will say as a clairvoyant. My goal is always to send the client out with hope, faith and wisdom, which can help the person to move on with their life.”

In her work as a clairvoyant adviser concurrent with her translation work, she quickly found herself working closely with several alternative practitioners, among others Claus Pedersen from Fredericia, who introduced her to tarot, guided meditation and hypnotherapy. Her always curious soul once again started to feel that there was much, much more she could learn. Clients came to her with many questions and left the clinic with many answers, but then often, she did not hear from them again. She did not really feel that she got to help them completely with their problems.

So, in 2017-2018, when she started working with Claus Pedersen in connection with guided meditations, something clicked into place for Tina. He worked within the field of hypnosis therapy, and this was a tool Tina could really use to help other people. For this reason, she started training to become a hypnotherapist and deliberately choosing a male teacher. She wished to experience other energies – a different approach than women have.

With the hypnosis therapy, she could go a bit deeper into the mind and gently give the resources her clients have a little push. Hypnosis therapy is often a process where people deal with one or several problems in their lives.  Through one-on-one sessions, she has helped people with phobias, fear, traumas, stress, anxiety, jealousy, powerlessness, frustrations, deadlocks, grief, anger, and pent-up feelings to let go, forgive and make room for the change they want in their lives.

“At Henrik Jørgensen, Hypnoseterapeut Skolen [Hypnosis therapist School], I found serenity and peace and together with the other attendees, I got to declutter my mind even further. I got rid of my fear of flying, my fear of standing in front of large crowds and performing, and from day one, I decided that I wanted to continue my training to become a certified Master of hypnotherapy. The methods and tools I tested on my own body meant that I now had some methods with which I could enrich many of the clients I already had in my clinic. This gave me the courage to start teaching, and today I have group courses and lead group meditations. People can attend in person but also online and live on social media. As a therapist, I believe we have to declutter our own lives to be able to help other people. Each time we declutter, we gain even greater insights and knowledge that benefit our clients, which means that when I am with a client where I meet my own reflection, I do not go into myself. I can continue the session and give the client what he/she needs – the help needed for that person to progress. I do not believe that we therapists should stop our own therapy. My clients should be at the centre of my attention and feel completely seen and heard, and when they leave my clinic, they should feel that they have been given useful tools and methods which they themselves can use in their everyday life.”

Tina earned her degree as a certified Master of hypnosis therapy in 2020, which means that she could add the following services to her clinic: Hypnosis therapy, hypnotic coaching, hypnotic EFT and hypnotic body analysis in addition to clairvoyance, card reading and journey of soul sessions. She is a member of the American organisation IACT.  An organisation comprised of therapists from all over the world, which she plans to visit when Covid-19 once again releases its grip on the world.

International Association of Counselors and Therapists

Hypnosis therapist School by/ Henrik Jørgensen.

Now, writing in the year 2021, Tina has a working life ranging far and wide. She still runs the translation agency BE communication with customers from Denmark and abroad. In addition to this, she works as a certified clairvoyant adviser and a certified master of hypnosis therapy.

She works with individuals as clients and groups on longer courses, and the services she offers are directed at people with various wishes and needs. She primarily coaches businesswomen between the age of 25 and 55, whereas people come to her for body analysis if they are in pain or suffering from chronic illnesses. For these clients, Tina offers pain relief. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is for people with fears, anxiety and phobias, and hypnosis therapy is aimed at people who want changes and new things in life.

Tina offers, in accordance with the guidelines from The Danish Clairvoyant Association, counselling and guidance based on intuition with respect for her clients’ boundaries. She uses various techniques in her work, among these clear feeling, clear seeing and clear hearing.

“I believe that we humans are made to go through great losses, grief and traumas. We have to get through it somehow. Some earlier than others. My strength today, which I previously thought was my greatest grief, was that I already, at the age of 12, lost my brother to cancer and later both my parents in my 30’s. This made me, at a time in my life where I felt the most lost, realise that I needed help. The love and support of my family were not enough. I needed professional help and counselling to release my traumas, grief, and anger and to go into the core of it all and back on the right path again. It helped me, which means that the people I would like to help and do help in my everyday life are open to change, who dares to face the pain head-on and start to create the future they want. We never stop evolving, and if I can help create peace and quiet and hope and strength in another person, regardless of gender and age, I am happy.”

During the Covid-19 crisis, Tina also quickly developed skills within the field of online therapy, and since 2019, she now leads group meditations and facilitating spiritual groups, been live once a month on Facebook and on the media Zoom. You can enjoy a guided meditation by following her on her Facebook page Hypnotherapist Psychic Reader Tina Nurby, the meditation is free.

She is currently involved in an online course with tarot expert Susanne Taylor, where Tina acts as Susanne’s magic fairy, making sure that the 9 participating women feel safe while on Zoom. She also prepares video and sound, as well as PowerPoint and PDF for the classes, while Susanne is in charge of initiating the 9 women into the wonderful world of tarot. The course is such a great success that they have decided to start another course in September 2021. You can read more here!

She writes and records hypnotic audio files and is in the process of finalising an online course in chakras, meditation and practical exercises. A course she hopes to be able to market during 2021. She has already had people testing the product over the last year, giving her constructive feedback.

In 2021 she has employed a young student to help her with the creation of a webshop, which will be named Tina Nurby´s webshop, where she will sell chakra-coloured sweatsuits, as well as casual wear. Her target group will be people who love colours. The clothing is produced in Europe, and with it, she hopes to be able to capture people’s interest by also providing them with an insight into the chakra colours’ wonderful properties associated with wearing them.  Besides the clothing, she will also sell other products invented and produced by other exciting personalities within the spiritual world.

“Shape your thoughts and create your own life just the way you want it to be.” Tina Nurby


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