Hypnosis and Hypnotheraphy

Hypnotherapist Tina Nurby

I know you have the resources to achieve your goals and your dreams. With the help of hypnosis and therapy, I can help you.

I have a duty of confidentiality and I keep a record of your treatment. However, I use only the first name and no data due to data protection legislation, and you have the right to gain access to the record that I keep at any time.

If we agree to record audio or video during the session, it must always be done with your consent.

I always start a session with a conversation where the two of us talk about what issue you would like to work on.

It is vital that you feel comfortable and safe before I start the hypnosis.

Once we have got hold of the discomfort, a problem or a desire for change, we can embark on the actual treatment, hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a form of treatment in which I activate your body and your mind to relax. I do this with my voice, while you rest your body in a relaxed position, either in the chair or on the couch. I take you into a relaxed, safe and calm state with my voice. Most people choose to close their eyes because hypnosis reminds them of a sleep-like state.

From here, I can now increase your awareness, your focus, the contact to yourself and your mind’s imagination and fantasy, which opens up so that I can guide you into your subconscious mind and the emotional causes of your issues. 

Using your senses (depending on how you visualise), you can notice, sense, feel or experience the underlying emotions, and when you are ready, I start processing – using therapeutic tools, I can release the subconscious blockages and using your own resources, help you create new positive patterns, opportunities and goals that will transform your behaviour, your thoughts and emotions in the direction you want.

Many emotions may be brought the surface, but often and frequently I find that when the person is taken back to the normal relaxed, awake state, they do not always remember the experience as violently as it may look from my perspective while you are resting there in the chair or on the couch.

Furthermore, you will find that I am completely calm and relaxed during my observation because I know that your unconscious mind contains infinite powers and resources that help you heal, find solutions and process your issues in a healthy and positive way.

A session typically lasts 1½ hours and besides the conversation and hypnotherapy, we will spend time summarising your experiences during the session. Before you leave my room, we will agree on what could be useful for you to work on.

There may be a need for more sessions, depending on the issues you have, as well as how your body responds to the new state, self-understanding and new convictions and tools that the session brings to you.

It may take several days for your body to react to the new tools, and there may even be physical symptoms. However, it’s all something that you should see as healing your body and a good process associated with you doing excellent work on yourself. Therefore, it’s also crucial to have homework and repetitions in the form of exercises in new behaviours, practical repetitions and training. You are programming and changing your hard drive (your subconscious mind) in a healthy and positive way.

I have some people who experience that they only need one session, for example, Per, a man I had in therapy for snoring, and which I describe further down the page. He experienced an immediate release and well-being that he had not felt for a long time and because he was 100% ready for change, and his mind accepted the new tools, he only needed one session. 

Can everyone be hypnotised?

If you are convinced that you cannot be hypnotised, I must tell you that the state is quite natural and is very similar to the state you experience just before you fall asleep or just before waking up in the morning. The word hypnosis derives from the Greek word Hypnos, which means to sleep. However, you do not sleep, on the contrary. During hypnosis, your mind is relaxed, open and focused, and you can answer questions. However, you may experience varying depths of hypnosis and find that you only want to respond by giving a sign by lifting a finger. It is perfectly ok, everything that happens is as it should be.

During the hypnosis, you have the opportunity to communicate with your subconscious and find the emotional causes of your issues. Using therapeutic methods, I can process the natural resistance to change, and by diving deeper into your subconscious mind and guiding you into the emotional causes, you can grasp hold of locked energies, blockages, and you can let go, release and unlock old negative patterns, habits and traumas. By planting and reinforcing new positive ideas, desires and dreams, you can sprout and grow.

One to one sessions

I perform hypnotherapy in person at my clinic or online. You can expect that a hypnotherapy session typically lasts 1½ hours.

The price for 90 minutes of hypnotherapy is USD 166 or EUR 141. 

A course of hypnotherapy (my recommendation is a course of 3-5 sessions). A course of 5 sessions costs EUR 564 or 665 USD. (the 5th session is free). 

After each session, there will be homework and follow-up, which can be hypnotic audio files for home use and practical exercises.

Online session

I have good experience in treating people via online hypnotherapy, and for that part I use zoom.us, which is a closed forum where we meet online and where I can record the session so you can receive video or audio if desired or it is a necessary part of the treatment.

I recommend that you use a phone, tablet, PC or anything else where you can connect headphones, and preferably with a microphone. However, it is extremely important that the sound quality is good enough so that we can communicate with each other. It is crucial that we can hear each other and that there is the possibility that I can observe you during the entire session. I also recommend that you lie or sit somewhere where there is peace and quiet while the session is taking place!

Order a hypnotherapy session by sending an e-mail to tina@nurby.dk

You can also call +45 21 18 13 51

Then we’ll have a chat about your problem!

“I don’t feel that I have snored the last two days, I think I have really sorted out the disturbances.”  Per. 

Per had a physical symptom that gave cause for concern and made him feel like he was a burden to his wife. For the last year, he had started to snore. During the conversion, we talked about what changes had taken place in family life in the last year, and there was plenty to talk about. The family had experienced radical changes. During the hypnosis, he quickly noticed some discomfort and quickly experienced a physical symptom. He felt itching on many of his body and sensed a large grey mass across his chest and stomach region. Using the subconscious’ own resources, he removed the grey mass, resulting in a huge smile and a sigh of relief. After the session, we talked about the experience and he really couldn’t give any reason for what the grey mass meant to him, other than that it was unpleasant when it was present. When he walked out of the door, however, he found that he felt a huge sense of relief throughout his body.”

Conclusion: Per experienced an easiness and a positive change throughout his body several days after the session. The most important thing is not always to find the ultimate cause, and in his case, the symptom was a physical symptom, “snoring”. Due to his open mind and approach to what had to happen, he accepted the change as a solution to something emotional, and his process started immediately.

Had it not happened, it could have meant that there would still be a blockage or discomfort that gives physical or psychological symptoms. It can be experienced as stress, anxiety, dissatisfaction, frustration, anger, sadness, restlessness, or inner turmoil. Others may find that they are extremely sad, express that they are unable to feel like themselves, feel their emotions or own needs.

Hypnotherapy is not a quick fix

It is a form of treatment where between hypnotherapy sessions, you work with yourself using practical exercises and homework. Therefore, a course can mean that you initially need treatment once a week, then to come every 14 days to once a month.  

I fully understand if you are not ready and that it’s absolutely the wrong time for you, or that you need to spend time accepting the changes and the new tools.

Change is a process that takes time, but I find that those people who are open to change are also the ones who experience the best results. 

There’s always a way!

Your conscious mind focuses on what is experienced right here and now, and remembering only briefly and forgetting quickly. It’s guided by logic, is critical, analysing and compares, and forms an overview of what you sense right here and now. It is said that the conscious mind fills 5% of your consciousness.

95% is controlled by your unconscious mind and can be described as your brain and body being a computer, with a hard drive, one overall consciousness. It stores everything you have experienced through your past life, current life, generations, heritage, environment, influences and genes, and the hard drive has unlimited space to receive and store the information. It’s all there in your unconscious mind, and you can try to control it, but it does not take long before the subconscious takes over again.

It also means that the unconscious mind takes good care of you. So good, that you may find that during the hypnosis you will not always be allowed to experience all the causes for the simple reason that your subconscious protects you, because the recollections and memories you have can be so painful that you need time and shortcuts before they can be processed.

Fortunately, with hypnosis, it is usually possible to change the programs, behaviours, habits and patterns that no longer benefit you, and through therapy, to guide you where you want it to go. It is a process of change, a journey, and it takes hard work and time.

Some people immediately experience change, while others require more time. Whatever you experience, it’s your journey, your work and your processing.

I wish you a great journey, no matter how your journey evolves!

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