I offer

Hypnotic coaching
Hypnotic EFT
Hypnotic body analysis

Hypnoseterapi is particularly effective in relieving anxiety, stress, phobia, addiction, depression, muscle tension and pain, managing performance anxiety, restlessness, racing thoughts/sleep disturbance, negative thoughts and changing habits, challenges, deadlock and low self-esteem.

Hypnotic coaching can especially be used to uncover your patterns in your relationships or problems making major decisions.

EFT also called Emotional Freedom Technique,is especially effective against fear, anxiety, stress, phobia and trauma, as well as mental and physical symptoms such as chronic pain and diagnoses.

Hypnotic body analysis is especially useful for you who have had recurrent physical and mental symptoms for many years for which you want a solution.

I also offer

Card reading
Soul Journey

Clairvoyance is for you who are open to listening to advice that is constructive and puts you in a better position. It may also be that you want new ideas or a new angle on a problem where you have come to a standstill or find yourself going around in circles. Whatever questions you may have, the guidance is an aid to help you and your situation – a here and now picture you could say.

Interpretation using cards is especially for you who may want a career change – to find the right job, fresh eyes on your housing situation or a broader perspective about your life, love life and your close relationships.

Soul journey and visits to your soul’s base are for you who are curious, and you who want clarification with souls in relation to your current life. You who want insight into the purpose of your life and what you can learn.

My conversation with you worked wonders. I have had peace of mind ever since!” – Åse Vahlun

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