Smoking Cessation – Stop smoking

Hypnotherapist Tina Nurby

Sit back in the chair and place your feet on the stool!

I know you have the resources it takes for you to stop smoking. With the help of hypnosis and therapy, I can help you.

Most clients break the habit after 3 hypnotherapy sessions. But, I do have clients who have stopped smoking after the first session. 

Smoking cessation programme:

The price is Euro 335/Pund 287 for a smoking cessation programme where we meet over 3 weeks (1 session per week).

Special price for people on sick leave, pensioners, unemployed or students Euro 270/Pund 230.

There is an audio file in the programme that will help you if you use it daily.

I always start the first session with a chat about when you find it hardest to stop smoking and when you experience the greatest craving to smoke.

3 sessions may be required, depending on how your body responds to the new condition, self-understanding and the new beliefs and tools that the sessions equip you with.

I recommend that you attend the first session when you have a craving.

It’s vital that you feel comfortable and safe before I start the hypnosis. Once we get to grips with your addiction and your desire for change, we can embark on the treatment itself, hypnotherapy.

A session typically lasts 1½ hours and besides the conversation and hypnotherapy, we will spend time summarising your experiences during the session.

Before you leave my room, we will agree on what could be useful for you to work on. Often an audio file is a valuable exercise to maintain the new desired behaviour.

Hypnotherapy is a form of treatment in which I activate your body and your mind to relax.

I do this with my voice, while you rest your body in a relaxed position, either in the chair or on the couch. I take you into a relaxed, safe and calm state with my voice. Most people choose to close their eyes because hypnosis reminds them of a sleep-like state.

From here, I can now increase your awareness, your focus, the contact to yourself and your mind’s imagination and fantasy, which opens up so that I can guide you into your subconscious mind and the emotional causes of your issues. 

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You can also call +45 21 18 13 51

Then we’ll have a chat about your problem!

It is crucial to remember that you must be ready and willing before you can stop smoking. No one can make the decision for you – it’s yours alone and your choice.

However, everyone can stop smoking, you too!

Ulla had tried to stop smoking many times in her life. She was so tired of herself and of being addicted. She really wanted to try hypnosis but didn’t really believe in it. However, an acquaintance had recommended her to give it a try.

“ I quickly regained my sense of taste and my family is so happy that I no longer smell of smoke.”  Ulla. 

Already during the first session, her body gave an expression of the poison that she put into her body every day. She shook and cried during the session and experienced that her body was exhausted and tired. Very quickly into the session, she met herself as quite young. A young girl who had her first cigarette as a 12-year-old. At the very beginning of the session, she said goodbye to the smoker, and afterwards, as we sat talking, she was overwhelmed by the experience the hypnotherapy had given her.

She ended the session by saying I didn’t realise just how much it impacted my body, and it came as a complete surprise. I wish I had made that decision many years ago.”

Ulla is one of the clients who stopped after the first session.

Her body and mind responded positively after the first session, and with the help of a smoking cessation audio file, she maintained her new non-smoking behaviour. Her physical symptoms after the hypnotherapy session were hunger and sugar cravings, which we therefore worked on in the second session. She wanted a third session to reinforce her new non-smoking behaviour to continue to influence her mind and body to become healthier. She did this by taking long walks and starting at a fitness centre.

Not all clients want more physical activity after they stop smoking.

Most people choose to focus on becoming healthier after smoking for many years. They experience insights into habits, patterns, beliefs, emotions and a recognition that they need to take responsibility for their own lives and choices.

My clients tell me that they experience a great sense of freedom and a greater desire to be healthy.

They become happier and more positive, and the social circle responds to their new healthy change. They get their sense of taste and smell back pretty quickly after they stop smoking, which is also one of the positive side effects that smoking cessation can give you.

It may take several days for your body to react to the new tools, and there may even be physical symptoms.

However, it’s all something that you should see as a healing of your body and a healthy process associated with you doing excellent work on yourself.

Therefore, homework and repetition in the form of exercises in the new behaviour and new habits are also essential. You can look at it as programming and changing your hard drive (your subconscious mind) to install a new and better program that gives you the life you want. Namely to stop smoking.

I have a duty of confidentiality and I keep a record of your treatment.

You have the right to gain access to the record that I keep at any time. If we agree to record audio or video during the session, it must always be done with your consent.